At SigilDGS™ we use 3ds Max® and the latest Autodesk® software to bring your design to life.  We can import many different 3D digital formats to create a high-definition visual that provides those involved in a design project a clear understanding of how the finished product will appear. 3D scan data and objects captured using photogrammetry can be displayed in HD video as well.

Below are examples of still images, HD video and 360° interactive panoramas of the Fibonacci House, designed by Mark Maybury, Halifax, N.S., Canada.



 Click on the image below to look around in 360°


SigilDGS™ 2016 Promo Video

Sigil Digital Geometry Services Office 4K UHD Render Sample

Sigil Digital Geometry Services Manhattan Eames Lounge Chair 4K UHD Render

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